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Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are interested in improving the appearance of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help. From veneers to teeth whitening, many treatments can give your smile a boost. At Smiles West in Moreno Valley, CA, we enjoy helping each patient reach their dental dreams and build a more confident smile. If you aren’t sure where to start, schedule a consultation! Our team will examine your smile, recommend the best treatment and discuss your dental goals. With all of that in mind, we’ll work with you to create a customized treatment plan that works for you. We can’t wait to help you get started!

Spark™ Clear Aligners

Smiles West proudly introduces Spark Clear Aligners, the premier choice for those seeking a seamless orthodontic treatment. Spark’s advanced aligner technology offers superior precision and comfort, ensuring that your treatment goes unnoticed while you transition to the perfect smile. The aligners are custom-fitted to your teeth, providing a smooth experience without the irritation commonly associated with other aligner brands. Choose Spark Clear Aligners and experience the invisible way to improve your smile!

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are made from a durable, thin porcelain material and act as a shell that covers the front-facing side of your tooth. A veneer is used to cover imperfections such as a chipped, discolored or damaged tooth. Your dentist will have the veneer custom-made to fit your smile. The veneer is also color-matched to surrounding teeth to help it blend in naturally. Veneers can be placed within just one or two visits and are made to last for years!

Tooth-Colored Braces

Tooth-colored braces offer an alternative to traditional braces and blend in more naturally with your smile. Tooth-colored braces are a great option for both teens and adults. If you are in need of braces, but don’t want your smile to stand out throughout the straightening process, tooth-colored braces could be the answer.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

For a noticeably whiter smile, at-home teeth whitening can do the trick! With custom trays and professional grade whitening gel, your teeth can look several shades brighter in just a matter of weeks! With continued use, you can reach your desired shade of white by simply adding whitening into your daily routine. 

GLO® Whitening

Experience the ultimate smile makeover with our GLO Whitening procedure, tailor-made for those seeking rapid results. You can say goodbye to stains from common culprits like tea, coffee, and wine. Our innovative approach combines heat with light technology to deliver a dramatically whiter smile—up to 12 shades lighter—in a 16-minute session, all without the usual sensitivity.

If you are in need of a smile makeover, our treatments are sure to have you looking your best. Schedule a consultation today to get started!

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    Our Stance on COVID-19

    We understand that this is an unprecedented time for many patients with the coronavirus still being an active concern. However, more than ever before, your oral health plays a crucial role in your overall health. The mouth is the gateway to the body, but when common oral infection and disease take hold, it impacts your immune system! This can make you more susceptible to becoming sick in the future. Your best defense is good oral health, and maintaining your regular dental appointments makes that possible. We are following all CDC guidelines to provide our patients and team with a healthy and safe environment to provide life changing dental care.