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Malibu Wine Safaris

For wine enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike, the Malibu Wine Safaris, located in the picturesque hills of Malibu, California, is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. This unique tour will take you through Malibu’s picturesque hills and vineyards, where you can sample some of the best wines and see exotic animals. Anyone looking for a thrilling and enjoyable excursion in Southern California should definitely take the Malibu Wine Safaris.

The tour begins with a brief bus ride to the first winery from the parking lot. You will have the chance to take in the breathtaking views of the Malibu vineyards and the surrounding mountain ranges during this ride. A knowledgeable wine guide will welcome you and provide a brief history of the first winery as well as an explanation of the wine-making process. Additionally, you will get to try some of their delectable wines, all of which are made on the property.

After the wine tasting is over, you’ll hike through the vineyard for a short distance with your guide to meet the amazing animals. For more than 20 years, Malibu Wine Safaris has housed exotic animals, and the tour allows you to get up close and personal with some of the most captivating animals on the planet. You’ll see zebras, llamas, and alpacas among the creatures.

Meeting Stanley, a long-necked giraffe, is the animal experience’s high point. One of the animal residents who gets along best with visitors is Stanley. The experience of feeding Stanley is bizarre, and the giraffe will graciously accept the food offerings from your hand with his long tongue, creating an unforgettable Instagram moment.

The Malibu Wine Safaris offer a truly unique experience where wine tasting meets animal encounters, with plenty of opportunities for photos and time to take in the scenery.

An off-road drive through the Malibu Hills is the next stop on the tour. The all-terrain tour vehicle, a specially built Land Rover Defender, can handle the challenging terrain and give you a breathtaking view of the hills. You will experience a thrilling and unforgettable ride that you won’t soon forget as the knowledgeable driver of the vehicle guides you through difficult terrain and untrodden paths.

You will pass through valleys, mountains, and vineyards as you travel, which will give you fantastic photo opportunities of the local flora and fauna. You will be given a tasting of the exquisite wines made by Malibu Wine Safaris during this time. The tour guides are enthusiastic about wine and will make sure you sample the best products the neighborhood vineyards and wineries have to offer. Even if you are an experienced wine connoisseur, the quality of the wines you will sample on this tour will impress you.

The tour comes to an end with a stop at the second and last wine tasting of the journey. More fantastic wines that are particular to this region of California will be introduced to you by the knowledgeable staff. You can savor the wines while admiring the breathtaking views of the vineyards and hills.

For groups, families, or couples looking for a fun activity, the Malibu Wine Safaris are ideal. Anyone who wants to visit California’s wine country and get up close to exotic animals can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Your expectations will be surpassed by the tour, and you’ll come away with lifelong memories.

The Malibu Wine Safaris offers an exceptional escape that is only a short drive from Los Angeles in a world where travel plans have been postponed or canceled. The chance to enjoy the best of California’s wine culture and the thrill of getting up close to animals you may have never seen before is ideal.

In conclusion, anyone traveling to Southern California must experience the Malibu Wine Safaris. This tour is a must-do because it includes wine tasting, wildlife viewing, and off-road driving. The tour provides a wonderful chance to take in California’s wine country’s natural beauty and get in touch with nature. Therefore, reserve your tour now and get ready for a memorable experience!

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